It’s never too early to approach us. We’re ready to invest in pre-seed initiatives even before they reach the product development phase, as long as they have an innovative technological approach and a well thought-through vision.

  • Get ready Fill in our questionnaire and prepare your pitch deck.
  • Initial Contact Once we received your materials and screened your application, we will schedule an introductory meeting at our office.
  • Introductory Meeting An exciting step of getting to know each other. You will have a chance to present your idea, learn more about us and how we can collaborate in order to advance your venture.
  • Decision Time After the Introductory Meeting, we will take some time to further analyze and evaluate your venture and ultimately decide if we proceed to discussing the terms of our investment. Our valuation process is backed by world class experts and opinion leaders in your field, who help us to assess the points of technological differentiation, risks and time-to-market of your product. During this step we will further explore the technology behind your idea, assure its market viability, recognize synergies with our partners, and fit with our fields of interest. We will also get to know your team.
  • Term Sheet This is where we discuss and agree on the general terms of investment and shake hands.
  • Closing The definitive investment agreement is signed, and funds are transferred.
  • Work on startup We will help you build a comprehensive and detailed work-plan to be followed and presented to Solid5 investment committee. We will be there for you during every step of the journey.
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