Solid5 Start-Up Application Form


- Be very clear and concise. In order to help you with precision all questions have limited amount of space for your answers (usually up to 150 characters).

- Avoid marketing jargon / cheap talk. In other words do not claim that you will go to the moon unless you really intend to.

- Answer every question. If you do not have the answer or do not know, just type “NONE”.

- Your 5-year old child should be able to explain your idea to yourself after reading your application form. Please be simple.

1. Your email

2. Names of the founders, their roles and shares in the company.

3. Please upload your CVs here:

4. Please, share the links to your LinkeIn Profiles.

5. Do you already have an incorporated company? Where?

6. Have you participated in an accelerator or incubator?


7. If yes, then which one?

8. Please, specify why you think that each founder has the right competence to fill his position.

9. When did you start working on this?

10. Stage of your product:

ideamockuppitchproof of conceptminimum viable productsalesother

11. What is your main industry(s)?

Ad TechHR TechFin Teche-sportsroboticsbig data, AI solutionshealth and wellnesse-commerceother

12. Do you create a:

tangible productsoftwareservicesomething else

13. Which problem are you trying to solve?

14. Please, describe your value proposition.

15. Is there already a validated market for your product?


16. How was it validated?

17. At which stage is your market?


18. What is your geography?

19. What is your market size (in customers)? Give a "tam-sam-som" break-down.

20. Who is your client?

21. Please, describe you typical client profile (for each target audience).

22. What are your primary business type:


23. List the web-sites of your top 5 competitors.

24. Why your solution is better than theirs?

25. List your 5 competitive advantages from the best to the rest.

26. If someone wants to copy your product would it be hard to do?

27. What are your barriers to avoid being copied?

28. Do you have a patent (granted or pending application)?


29. Is your product patentable?


30. What your total market size in $? Give a "tam-sam-som" break-down.

31. Do you have a financial plan?


32. Please, attach it here.

33. How much cash have you already spent on this project?

34. What is your monthly burn rate?

35. Have you received any external funding before? How much? From whom?

36. How much you are looking to raise?

37. What are you willing to give for this investment?

38. Where should this money take you?

39. What should we expect from this investment, e.g. return of investment, time period?

40. Describe your capitalization table* (current or projected) if you have one.

(Cap table is the breakdown of company’s percentage of ownership, dilution and valuation of equity in each round of investment by founders, investors and other owners.)

41. You can also attach your capitalization table here.

42. How do you plan to attract additional funding (besides our investment)?

43. How much will it cost to launch your product?

44. What is your customer acquisition cost (for each target segment)?

45. Do you think your product is scalable? Please, briefly explain why.

46. How do you track your progress? Describe your primary business metrcis.

47. What is the first market you plan to penetrate?

48. How much money and time would it take?

49. Which resources (besides money) do you need to be successful?

50. What might be the obstacles for the implementation of your idea (e.g. laws, cultural attitudes, technological incompatibilities)?

51. Now you have the opportunity to tell us about everything important that we've missed.

52. Upload your pitch-deck here.

53. Upload more relevant files.

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