Who We Are

Solid5 discovers, supports and funds deep technology start-up firms. We understand technology, recognize innovation and are set to navigate your start-up journey from concept trough POC into the product launch and business success. We believe mentoring is an essential part of any business success story.


We are an early stage Venture Capital firm dedicated to partnering with aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build breakthrough companies.


At Solid5, we seek out true game changers, passionate innovators and entrepreneurs, who identify real market needs, work hard to create products to meet them and ultimately strive to make a positive impact on the society.


Our main expertise is technology and business scale up. From inception to commercialization, we invest in emerging and innovative technologies that have the potential to influence millions of lives.

  • Route Suisse 8A, Etoy, 1163
  • Opsterland St 4, PB 441, Raanana, 4310000
  • 1-A Mykilsko-Slobidska st., of. 309, Kyiv, 02002
  • info@solid5.com
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