Our main Expertise
Start-Ups’ Scale-Up

Solid5 is a topnotch private equity venture fund with an exceptional track record of nurturing pre/seed-stage companies to success. Our goal is to introduce a novel, yet proven approach to growing startups, which will pave the way to a better, social driven future of startup arena. Our strategy is inspired by entrepreneurial spirit and based on creating strong partnerships with leading VC and tech players in order to bring original solutions to the marketplace. We believe that joining forces with leading players is the key ingredient of our unique business strategy.

Who We Are

Solid5 discovers, supports and funds deep technology start-up firms. We understand technology, recognize innovation and are set to navigate your start-up journey from concept trough POC into the product launch and business success. We believe mentoring is an essential part of any business success story.


We are an early stage Venture Capital firm dedicated to partnering with aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build breakthrough companies.


At Solid5, we seek out true game changers, passionate innovators and entrepreneurs, who identify real market needs, work hard to create products to meet them and ultimately strive to make a positive impact on the society.


Our main expertise is technology and business scale up. From inception to commercialization, we invest in emerging and innovative technologies that have the potential to influence millions of lives.

Our Team
Our executive team spent decades creating, investing in and helping start-up companies to exit. We are passionate about developing and bringing technologies to international markets, including Europe, USA and China.

Solid5 team has an exceptional ability to provide support and advice on business and technology development, finance, marketing and communications. Our core is a community of experienced entrepreneurs, technology oriented visionaries and business development experts from Israel, Ukraine, Switzerland and Finland. We share know-how and help to implement the best management practices to make sure Solid5 portfolio companies thrive.
Besides in-house expertise, we also offer an access to our global network of investors and strategic partners.

What Do We Offer
Every company from Solid5 portfolio enjoys extensive support to maximize its chances of success:
The Process

It’s never too early (or late for that matter) to get in touch with us. We are ready to invest in pre-seed initiatives even before they reach the product development phase, as long as they have an innovative technological approach, a well-thought-out idea and vision.

  • Get ready Fill in our questionnaire and prepare your pitch deck.
  • Initial Contact Once we received your materials and screened your application, we will schedule an introductory meeting at our office.
  • Introductory Meeting An exciting step of getting to know each other. You will have a chance to present your idea, learn more about us and how we can collaborate in order to advance your venture.
  • Decision Time After the Introductory Meeting, we will take some time to further analyze and evaluate your venture and ultimately decide if we proceed to discussing the terms of our investment. Our valuation process is backed by world class experts and opinion leaders in your field, who help us to assess the points of technological differentiation, risks and time-to-market of your product. During this step we will further explore the technology behind your idea, assure its market viability, recognize synergies with our partners, and fit with our fields of interest. We will also get to know your team.
  • Term Sheet This is where we discuss and agree on the general terms of investment and shake hands.
  • Closing The definitive investment agreement is signed, and funds are transferred.
  • Work on startup We will help you build a comprehensive and detailed work-plan to be followed and presented to Solid5 investment committee. We will be there for you during every step of the journey.
Centers of Excellence

Solid5 has several centers of excellence – dynamic creative campuses, where our early stage companies receive a suite of customized services, including office space, equipment, hands-on management support, strategic guidance as well as access to our expert mentors and vast network of global strategic partners. Our experts come from various business and technology fields and have years of experience in building successful companies. After the initial growth phase within our centers of excellence, the startups are well equipped to raise additional financing from later stage venture capital investors – including the main Solid5 fund.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure successful startup exits. Exit strategies range from merger and acquisition to listing on major public stock exchanges or other holding dispositions.

We have cultivated an extensive network comprising entrepreneurs, inventors, technology transfer organizations, lawyers, patent attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, venture capitalists, and commercial enterprises in technology markets. With help of our extensive network of contacts, we are able to generate high quality business process flow and efficiently arrange fund-raising activities.

During the initial stages of operations, our portfolio companies are housed in one of our two main incubation facilities – in Tel-Aviv (Israel) or in Kiev (Ukraine). Our campuses are meant as secure and comfortable spaces, which nourish entrepreneurship and innovation. We believe that aspiring entrepreneurs benefit from working in close proximity to each other in an environment that encourages cooperation, sharing ideas, brainstorming and mutual learning. By working physically in one of our incubators, the companies have direct access to our extensive support structure, as well as to shared laboratories and equipment. Hosting the companies in our facilities also increases our ability to follow up on startups’ progress, and if necessary promptly intervene and provide assistance and support.
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